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Iron Copper

Iron Series


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Iron Copper

Finishes: Satin/Rust

Thickness: 6mm & 12mm

Product Description

Neolith (meaning New Stone) belongs to a new and revolutionary product category born in the last decade with the aim of providing an innovative response to most demanding architectural and design demands.

Neolith does not belong to what is traditionally known as “ceramics” or “porcelain”, it is rather an extreme evolution of the natural processes of how the earth creates stone & crystals from base minerals. We take what the earth does over a period of millions of years, down to a few hours.

Composition: 100% natural based on 3 groups of natural elements:

1. Granite Minerals: Quartz and Feldspar that grant hardness and strength to the product.
2. Glass Minerals and Silica that grant chemical stability.
3. Natural oxides that grant chromatic properties.

Neolith does not contain any resins, binders or any chemical bonding agents what so ever. The material is created through an engineered process called Atomic Diffusion or Sintering.

Thanks to the format and physical and mechanical characteristics, this type of product is ideal for limitless indoors and outdoors applications in the commercial and residential arena: countertops, cladding, façades, furniture. The imagination is the only limitation.

Neolith is suitable for heavy traffic areas, it is resistant to high temperatures and temperature variations. It has the same absorption rate of glass so it is impermeable to UV damage, air pollutants, and staining. Because of  its relative Zero Absorption rate, the product is hygienic, accepted for kosher use and approved for sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly.

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